<aside> 🔆 Decode 6 seeks to come alongside the National Indian Carbon Coalition (NICC) to amplify their message about important conservation and carbon sequestration work on tribal lands. Together, NICC and Decode 6 will develop content that positions Indian Nations as thought leaders in embracing new technology to conserve


Resources from NICC


Protecting Our Elders: Fond du Lac Band

Forced Relocation Left Native Americans More Exposed to Climate Threats, Data Show - The New York Times.pdf

Photos & Presentations


Photo credit: From the ground, Dudley Edmondson. Aerial photos by Stan Tekiela.

NICC presentation.pdf

Promotional Materials

NICC CC Vol. 3.pdf

NICC Project Summary [Fond du Lac].pdf

NICC Project Summary [Keweenaw Bay].pdf



Proposed Content

Podcast Episodes

Episode # Title Guest Recording Date (Tentative) Publication Date (Tentative)
1. What can carbon programs do for tribal lands? (*Can change/reframe) Bryan Van Stippen Mid- to Late February 2023 April 2023
2. From Project to Paycheck: Impacts of Forestry Credits on Fond du Lac Band (*Tentative) Wayne &/or Kevin DuPuis, Bryan Van Stippen March 2023 May 2023
3. TEK and Forestry (*Tentative, subject to change) T.J. Greene or Dylan from TNC (last name?) March or April 2023 June 2023
4. How can long-term collaborations between buyers and sellers create better carbon markets? ***See below April 2023 July 2023
5. What are the co-benefits of carbon projects? Suggested: Kelly Cain and 1 or 2 producers May 2023 August 2023

Episode Notes

  1. What is NICC? Why is it important?
    1. Tribal lands: how can carbon credits help advance their goals?
  2. Showcase: Fond du Lac Forestry Project
    1. Wayne and Kevin DuPuis (Kevin = Chairman of Fond du Lac Band)
    2. Discuss process: from learning about project/project development, through registering and implementing, to payments and what that money can do to further goals
  3. Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Forestry
    1. T.J. Greene or Dylan from TNC (last name?)
    2. Explain concept, commonalities in value, principles, and practice
    3. Emphasize that TEK is different for every tribe and varies dramatically by region
  4. More than a transaction: Developing relationships between buyers and sellers in carbon markets
    1. ***Missed the specific project involved. Was this also Fond du Lac?
    2. Long-term collaboration between buyers of carbon credits and generators
    3. Airbnb, Dick’s Sporting Goods
    4. Part of South Pole showcase
  5. What are the co-benefits of carbon projects?
    1. Any existing resources Kelly/Bryan had in mind to cover?


Articles developed with Decode 6 will include attribution to NICC as “Contributors” on the project,


  1. Once NICC gives Decode 6 the greenlight on topic ideas, DJ May will begin writing articles for publication on the Decode 6 site. Articles will use Bryan’s NICC content as a springboard, with links and content adaptation.
  2. On or before the “Review Date” DJ will send articles to Brian &/or Kelly. for comments and approval.